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Each of us was created by HIM if we have sensitivity, then we want to feel like returning to HIM with acceptance and completeness. It's not an easy job but it can be done if you want to start it. After almost twenty years of working in this area, I understand this work is not always for the mainstream. Not all people want to know themselves. Therefore, if you are a self-seeker, I believe this kind of journey can support you too. My service is to support your self-journey. We start with how we appreciate and use our breath consciously in the field of healing and seek to release our deepest stress or trauma. This is a practical work of transpersonal psychology, involving intense processes involving changing states of consciousness. It brings order to the individual psyche, like deep psychotherapy, and goes beyond ordinary and individual boundaries. I provide services only to: 1. Private sessions either for groups or face-to-face (on request). 2. Therapeutic Series Workshop in the dynamic field of psychology working with team collaboration which usually works for self-healing and human development. 3. The retreat collaborates with various practitioners working in the holistic field and the retreat is for both companies and the public during holiday time. 4. Teacher Training collaborates with various experts in the fields of psychology, energy healing, meditation, and breathing which are useful for preparing individuals to become teachers if they take this 200-hour training. I only do this training once a year. I hope to see you in one of my services, Thank You.

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