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One of the ancient teachings and maybe not everyone is aware of, is the teaching of how we as humans interpret our breath as a sign of who and what our lives are for. Why breath? because breath is one of the sources of life and we cannot live if we stop breathing. 


Hi, let me introduce myself, Ineke Machdi, I am a breathwork teacher based in Indonesia and I am the founder of Innerchamber. Innerchamber is a breathing community-based in Jakarta, INDONESIA where almost all of our activities revolve around how to use the breath for our own needs to self-development consist healing, and exploration. That includes sharing about a holistic way of life, herbal, psychological education, trauma release, sharing, and much more. 


I started working on the breath in 2004 when I was a yoga and pranayama teacher. The need to know me more deeply is my need to answer important questions for my own developmental needs and be willing to accept my own story that lies in the subconscious that influencing my growth. For me, seems like self-reflection or introspection. To integrate and linking practical experience holistically and how to put our understanding we need scientific knowledge and scripture to see our whole being. It takes time, but if you want, it is possible to do it, so we have better acceptance and understanding about ourselves as it is. It involves changing old patterns in the realm of thinking, releasing the self-belief system that was instilled and conditioned when we were a child or more further than that, and we see how our growth conditioned by the surrounding environment, and so on. This journey is about your relationship with yourself, the creator, and how you see your life, and how you interconnecting one and another to have a balanced life. 

The way of my breath sessions that I am giving is your availability of time, patience, compassion and commitment, that you are giving to yourself. This is very important because we work based on your process, and it is not instant work and we need time to find the cause. The cause is maybe you don't know, don't recognize or don't accept, all the things that you suppress in your subconscious mind, that could be from your perinatal history, trauma events, and or your psychodynamic development, for example, you become angry, can't sleep, feel uneasy, do many consumptive activities, addiction, or other unusual things, that's why you need time, and take your part in the sessions as your responsibility part. By using the breath and other supportive exercises will be beneficial to your process. What I am giving here into my session, is what I did to myself too, it is based on my contribution towards my self-development, healing to myself, and up until now, I am still put myself with an open mind and heart to always learning. 


Let's breathe and allow yourself to explore your body, mind, emotions, soul and discover your spiritual value that is centered on the Almighty Creator. This is your foundation on which to rebuild yourself again. You need to trust again yourself and your process. May God work in you and bless you. See you at my sessions. 




What is Breathwork? Many of us don't know what Breathwork is, and since I used to be a teacher of yoga and pranayama, it's okay for people to see it from that perspective. Yes, in yoga we are also trained to breathe which is called using the breath with the pranayama system. However, the use of breathing that I learned from the world of yoga is different from the lesson system from Breathwork, although both use breath, it is all adjusted according to what you want to aim for yourself. It's about what you identify to what you need for yourself. Do not get caught up with the concept but how to get a middle ground. In the end, it is yourself that finds the point of opening from your own process by using that breath.


I came to know Breathwork when I studied transpersonal psychology, and from there I came to know Breathwork, which I can use for my own inner work. For me personally, all the teachings about breathing will ultimately relate to one another for body, mind, and soul, for your self-exploration needs.​ The Breathwork session that I provide does not stand alone, I use several other practical tools and practices that are not far from your daily life, such as music, musical instruments, essential oils, candles, voice guidance, silence, drawing, water, ice cubes, and so on. To support any experiences that come from the session, yes we need the knowledge to give a better understanding of how we seeing ourselves. 


Every human being has their own uniqueness, so each session must have a different experience, and also different from one person to another. In the Breathwork session, you cannot expect instant results at one time, you need to apply it many times and become a new habit, such as when you do some exercise, work activities, study, and other important activities that you have in your daily life. 


Breathwork is a new modality, that offering to modern humans today, for the needs of your body, mind, soul, and spirit, that you can add at this moment as your retreat goes to yourself at your time, and or your self-relaxation, self-discovery. It is a process that gains your fulfillment.  


Hopefully, the session that I offer can help the needs you are looking for.  If you want to restore and giving meaning to something you want to know and finish it, if which hindered your growth, both mentally, emotionally, and feeling. This inner work is important to gain clarity for you. Please join me and enjoy your inner journey. You deserve to feel free and peace from within even takes time.

​Please read, listing who can't do breathwork. Medical and psychiatric contraindications to participating in breathwork. Breathwork results in certain specific physiological changes in the body and also can result in intense physical and emotional release. Therefore, for safety purposes, we do not allow persons with the following conditions to participate in a breathwork session : 

Glaucoma, Osteoporosis, Epilepsy, Detached Retina, Pregnancy, Cardiovascular disease, Bipolar disorder, and Schizophrenia. Use of prescription blood-thinning medications.  High Blood Pressure. Hospitalization for any psychiatric condition or emotional crisis during the past 10 years. Strokes, seizures, TIAs, or neurological condition or disease. Diagnosed with PTSD, you are required to be in therapy and to get your therapist’s approval to participate before you register. Any other medical, psychiatric, or physical conditions which would impair or affect the ability to engage in any activities that involve intense physical and emotional release.

Innerchamber Holistic

Breathwork Community


In the beginning, my work movement in this holistic field began with teaching yoga and pranayama, with time and development of one's own needs. I created Innerchamber for the community for audiences studying various methods of working with the breath. Inner chamber means the inner space where everyone has and is able to manage it if they understand how to do it. In Innerchamber, I am not only offering my own sessions, but there are training sessions that are carried out by other teachers, there are charity activities that are also given to other communities. Let's Breathe...

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