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Ineke Machdi

Breathwork Trauma Release Facilitator 

I provide a unique breathwork program that helps people manage and release their trauma. My approach is based on the power of breath to activate the body’s natural healing process. I have developed a holistic practice that combines breathwork, movement, and self-reflection to help my clients find peace and transformation.

The sessions provided vary and if you only take part in one session it does not mean you are finished. Because inner works are not done only occasionally for optimal results. And it's not just breathing, there is experience, knowledge, and processes that occur in each session. I recommend taking part in long sessions to process yourself, not just regular ones. 

I believe that breathwork is a powerful tool to help you reconnect with yourself and to heal from the inside out. My mission is to provide a safe space for clients to explore their inner selves and to help them move through life with more clarity and joy.

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